It is great to be in the postseason... But, what about the future?

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

I know all of us are thrilled about the coming series vs. Atlanta. The game times are sh!t, but lucky me I live in Norway and unlucky me, I normally work at nights. So will be an eye at work and the other on the phone screen. One thing I really wish is that Pablo López starts the first game with anger, after that disastrous Sept. 9th. game. He can come with a vengeance spirit and baffle them up. However, I am writing right now thinking about the roster for next year and even for 2022, whether the Fish wins the WS or not.

Surprisingly for everyone outside the organization, the pitching was absolutely fantastic, even though the bullpen ranked at the bottom of the MLB standards. Sixto came to stay, so no need to send him back to minors. Next year should be a nice, young, and healthy rotation with Sandy, Pablo, Sixto, Elieser (no particular order, but I kind of like this one) and whoever wins the fifth spot: Castano, Neidert, Rogers, Yams, Dugger or even Urena (6 pitchers!). Good problem to have so many options. As for the bullpen, the fish should focus on resigning names like Yimi García, Bleier, Boxberger, Hoyt and Kintzler. It is going to be tough to get back all of them, but my guess is that the first three on that list should be prioritized.

As for the lineup, an important aspect is to know if MLB is going to implement the universal DH. Both Aguilar and Cooper should stay, but then you sacrifice a roster spot by having two 1Bmen. The infield looks somehow solid with BA, Miggy, Berti/Jazz and the aforementioned Aguilar and Coop. The catcher position is concerning, given the well-known Alfaro's defensive limitations (now more evident with his offensive struggles) and Wallach's substandard offensive line and rather average framing. As for the outfield, we now have two very good players for the next year in Dickerson and Marte, but now we know this is the organization's weakness beyond that. I'm still not buying Brinson's capabilities. Monte is hell fast and a good glove but Strikes Out way too much. Mags is also good defensively, but rather inconsistent at the plate. Jesús Sánchez is one year away and JJ Bleday maybe two. With no minor league season this year, we don't know how other prospects will do next year...

My point is: What's next to be done for building a team with sustainable success for the years to come? I think the Marlins need a nice trade and a big free agent sign to make this team competitive for the next 5 years. What comes to my mind? Check this out:
- Trade for Austin Hedges from Cleveland. Would be nice to package him with a year of Francisco Lindor and try to resign the latter for the long term, but probably it is too much to ask. Anyways, I know Hedges doesn't bat well, but he can definitely help Alfaro to jump into the next level defensively. Another very interesting option is to trade for Zach Collins, from CWS.
- Resign Starling Marte or trade with our trade-pals the Yankees for Clint Frazier or Mike Tauchman. The Fish can use some of that excess of SPs for a good trade, as still have some young pitching coming right behind: Cabrera, Garrett, Meyer, Poteet.
- Is it too much to ask for a blockbuster SS after the 2021 season?: Lindor, Seager, Baez, Correa (don't like him), or Story? None of them seem to be in their current team's plans, though probably Lindor can end up going to LA. This will also depend on the TV contract and the Stadium name rights.

Food for thought. Let's beat Atlanta!