Notes and Hot Takes 5-11-22

Sick Days?
Berti, Anderson, and Bleier have been placed on the IL for undisclosed reasons. It is known that undisclosed means covid related. This comes at a bad time for the fish when they need all the help they can get during this tough stretch. And the magnificent play of Berti and Bleier will be missed until they return.

Berti Ballin'
Jon Berti is straight balling this year (.300, 2 hr, 4 rbi, 2 sb, .990 ops). We all know the home run power will not continue but the quality at-bats, good defense, and elite speed will. Hopefully Berti will continue to get playing time when he returns from the IL soon.

Coop reliable if healthy
Garret Cooper is a mlb hitter no doubt. (.263, 2hr, 11rbi, .756ops). The Marlins could expect more power from him but he has proven to be a very clutch hitter without the power. The Marlins fans sure know about the high risk of injury with this guy. And maybe a little too streaky at the plate sometimes, but he sure gets hits when the Marlins need them.

Jazz on Fire
Jazz Chisholm Jr is like the second coming of Hanley with a little JP (.295, 6 hr, 24 rbi, 6 sb, .948 ops). It is amazing to watch him every day. Jazz will likely be in the ASG no doubt. And should be batting leadoff for the fish the rest of the season. Even on his rest or matchup days when he makes a pinch hit apperance it is magic.

Soler grinding
Soler is absolutely killing the ball right now with a 76% barrel percentage and in the 99th percentile in top exit velocity and 68 percentile in avg exit velo. His overall numbers dont reflect those stats because Soler continues to strike out too often ( .178, 5 hr, 14 rbi, .618 ops). It will be madness when the balls go over the fence or gets through the infield for Jorge. It is bound to happen. Soler has been a lot better defensively as well.

Sanchez Sliding
Jesus had his hot couple weeks to start the season but has cooled off way too fast (.217/ 2hr / 12 rbi /0 sb /.646 ops). I believe it has been noted by many media personalities that pitchers have found the holes in Sanchez's swing and have exposed it as of late. Sanchez must make the adjustment or the Marlins should adjust their line up.

Go Fish!