"You did it. Best Right handed hitter of all time! Most disciplined and focused player I've ever been around. Never made it about you and just wanted to win." -Skip Schumaker

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Atlantic League using robo ump in their all-star game 2023


The system sends a message to the ump at home plate and he relays the message by calling a ball or a strike according to what the computers told him.

From the Winter Olympics to the Miami Marlins 2023


This is an interesting story. From the Winter Olympics to the Miami Marlins 2023

Outlaw Pro Rodeo World Championship being held in Savannah this weekend


This weekend Savannah is seeing the toughest and wildest show on dirt. Outlaw Pro Rodeo World Championships are happening here in Savannah all weekend. As you can see behind me, families are filing in to see these rodeo events.

Palm Bay High football 2023


Palm Bay High football practices without pads Wednesday afternoon at the school in Melbourne. Practice was abbreviated due to the high heat warnings in the area. Craig Bailey/FLORIDA TODAY via USA TODAY NETWORK

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