Rotation in 2023

Following Ely's article about the man behind Sandy in Marlins' rotation, I decided to make a post instead of a long-ass comment. I will probably be a tad optimistic, but that's how high I am on SPs.

Remember 2018? Sandy debuted in June but stayed as a September call-up that year. We all felt like he had great stuff but notorious control issues (23 BB in 34 innings)... Exactly what Ely mentioned about Cabrera, Luzardo and even Rogers in his article. The trio is 24-yo, and don't forget Garrett, who just turned 25 last month and had a very good year also.

I have no doubt that they all are great pitchers and hopefully, will get even better. Some will improve quicker than others, some will take their development farther. Personally, I think Cabrera is a nose ahead of Luzardo and Rogers talentwise, but he is behind both southpaws in pitchability.

On the other hand, I believe the biggest issue is about dependability, and that's where Trevor Rogers stands in front of the others. He is the only one of them who has pitched 130+ innings in a season - and will be close to that number again this year. Career highs in innings pitched for Luzardo, Cabrera and Garrett are 109.0 (2018), 100.1 (2018) and 106.0 (2019) respectively.

This is also the very first year that Pablo hasn't visited the IL, which is good, although has struggled since the ASG. Back in May, we were hoping for this to be his breakout year, and it looked like it was going to, but maybe we will have to wait for 2023... Even though I truly believe, this breakout will come in another uniform. Pablo will be traded this offseason, and don't get me wrong, I won't like it. My reasons for stating this are a combination of depth, the need for a bat or two and the frugality of the FO to spend in Free Agency.

Barring injuries, Sandy, Rogers, Cabrera, Luzardo and Garrett (in that order) will be the rotation early next year. Castano, Neidert, Hoeing, Hernández and hopefully Sixto will serve as back-ups. In 2024 Meyer, Eder, Pérez, Fulton, McCambley and maybe Poteet will be competing for a MLB Starter spot. So there is plenty.