Plans on Bullpen

Marlins starting rotation in 2022 has been amazing but you can't say the same thing about their bullpen. It's becoming a normal marlins occurrence that a SP will throw 7 scoreless inning then a reliever will come and give up tons of runs the next inning. So I'm wondering what's the plan to improve the bullpen for next season and beyond? Will they solve this by spending money? Trade?

I don't see them having money to spend to improve the pen. If they have money i would rather see them spend on bat. We already trade for reliever last offseason( Scott and Sulser) and it hasn't worked out.

The solution i see here is to convert some of their starting pitcher to reliver. We now have 6 legit starters (Sandy, Eddy, Pablo, Luzardo, Trevor, and Braxton) and Eury, Fulton, Eder, or Sixto( i still believe in him) might be ready to contribute in 2023. We also still have Max Meyer who is expected to be back in 2024 and Neidart, Hoeing, McCambley, and M.D Johnson lurking somewhere.

I hope the marlins will give some of them a shot in the bullpen instead of trading them. Some scouts believe that Max can be elite close so maybe they can try him as a closer when he comes back? Is it possible that Sixto becomes less injury prone if we move him to bullpen? I honestly feel confident about them moving in bullpen than trading them