The lows with the highs

As the Marlins sit here in the midst of a tough slide (losing nine out of eleven), the positives and upsides outweigh the negatives no doubt. From top to bottom, the bottom being the minors, one can see the improvement and depth on this roster. If the Marlins do not make any crazy trades involving the young talent they have, more successful, consistent baseball should arrive in Miami soon. I know we all have heard that long enough but it really is gonna happen.

Although this is true, it does not diminish the quality of the ultra-competitive 2022 Marlins team. This team plays a very entertaining and exciting brand of baseball. Some hitters do need to get it together for sure (the outfield mostly), and some pitchers do need to be sent down and called up.

I do believe Hernandez should and will be sent down. Max Meyer should replace him, he looks ready. And maybe they should consider using Cabrera and Poteet instead of Luzardo in the rotation. Luzardo would be a great long relief pitcher in my opinion. Luzardo does deserve more starts and playing time when needed, he definitely does have upside. If the Marlins are serious about winning this season, these moves should be made soon. Including getting De La Cruz more starts over Sanchez and Garcia.