Fish need to Rays the bar like Tampa

The Tampa Bay Rays have made light work of the Marlins and it's almost embarrassing. The fish are 2 - 16 against Tampa Bay the past few years. The rays always seem to have their shifts and players in the right locations. Whatever they're doing is working. The rays continue changing the game and really doing what they want when they want. Once again they have an unbelievable record and have very NASTY pitchers starting and relieving. What is Tampa doing different than Miami? That is the real question. The defensive shifts seem to work great for Tampa but seem to bite Miami in the butt. Seems like some bad luck for Miami.

The Marlins need to play better and the IL sure is taking it's toll on the offense. Maybe the best two hitters for Miami are injured (Jazz and Wendel).

It's great to see how deep the Marlins farm system is with many great arms to bring up and position players that have MLB experience to fill in for the injured. Marlins fans would remember that wasn't always the case in years past. It's also a great sign to see Brian Anderson continue to be such a good hitter and even better on defense.

Simply put into easy terms the Marlins are losing games because they have too many hitters below 250. And some barely hovering above 200. The offense isn't good enough. One Player catching fire and earning his paycheck is Jorge Soler, now with 11 bombs. Signing him was such a steal for the fish and hope they can lock him up for a couple more years at least.

It was refreshing to see Hernandez out of the bullpen and used in a new role. I think it's a great idea and maybe the Marlins can make something out of that. Because his starts are so bad.

Go fish!! Flip that M!!