Marlins, MLB need to look back

Old School Approach

More teams need to consider bunting more. Most importantly with runners on first and second with no one out. Especially with the bottom of the line up. Bunting in these situations help avoid double plays and put more runners into scoring position. The Marlins have one sacrifice bunt this season.

No Cycles

In the 29 year history of the Miami Marlins no batter has ever hit for the cycle. Hard to believe but true. With six no hitters in franchise history, most recently Edison Volquez June 3, 2017 against the diamondbacks, the lack of cycles is strange. It might hint to the emphasis the Marlins have always put on pitching and drafting pitchers often with there high draft picks. Another fact that makes this point even more strange is Christian Yelich (former Marlin traded in 2018 to Milwaukee) has hit for THREE cycles since his trade to Milwaukee. Odd but that's baseball, sports, and life.

DH still brings subs

With the DH in the NL now, people were squawking about how it would almost eliminate the pinch hitting and match up substitutions late in the game that has been part of NL baseball for years. But Don Mattingly still maximizes his match-ups late in the game with pinch hitters and pinch runners. I love his strategy and how he makes it work with what he has.

Go Fish !