Hot Takes 05/12/22

Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

  • Garcia Moved Down

    Garcia has been less than a disappointment so far (.204, 2 hr, 7 rbi, .523 ops). And the eye test is worse than the numbers. I am not sure if he is dealing with something because he has looked uncomfortable for awhile. He was moved down a few spots in the line up for his lack of production. Hopefully he can get back to the player he was in Milwaukee with power and speed. Maybe headed in that direction with his most recent series in Arizona having hits in every game including a homer.

  • Aggy Pro hitter

    Aguilar had his struggles to start the year but his true colors have shined thru (.267, 3 hr, 14 rbi .725 ops). Power is down everywhere so the 2 hrs doesn't hurt so bad. Dude can rake to all fields and it's a treat to watch him hit. Aggy in the two spot is great for the Marlins and very dangerous for the rest of mlb with jazz in front of him in the lineup.

  • Stallings needs to hit

    Stallings is mostly here for defense and calling games behind the plate. But the marlins must expect more from his bat (.200, 1 hr, 12 rbi, .518 ops). Even though Stallings batting average is below desirable he seems to come thru in huge moments with 12 rbi. He is a very clutch player and that's exactly what Miami needs to go with his gold glove. Jake really heated up and almost carried the Marlins through the series in Arizona.

Go Fish!