Opening Day Roster - Lineup

Finally here!

For whatever reason, this season is getting me really excited about our beloved team. I do believe we can play .500 on a daily basis and, if several things go in the right direction, the Fish DOES have a shot to make the playoffs!

I would normally extend my text for several paragraphs, but today I will just shortly describe what I think about the team:

28-man roster:

It was surprising for me to see DLC sent to AAA, but now he's back and that is good. On the pitching side, very interesting last-minute trade with the Orioles. A bit surprised about Pop in AAA, but my guess is that he looked shaky in ST. Rooting for guys like Poteet and Castano, even though the latter is probably the #1 candidate to be sent down once Floro is back. Crossing fingers for Elieser on his comebacker, I hope he is OK.


Although now teams place their power hitter on #2 spot, I am not so sure about Coop there mostly because he is so slow running the bases. Also, Soler had a tremendous ST but I am not sure about him leading off... but he would be a good second bat. Here is how I would play:

Anderson 3B - Why? He has speed, power and the 2nd highest OBP of the lineup... Behind Cooper
Soler LF
Aguilar DH
Cooper 1B
Sánchez CF - Taking off him some pressure of batting 3rd, but I also like him batting higher.
García RF (Spots 3 to 6 are somehow exchangeable)
Stallings C
Rojas SS
Chisholm 2B

I am so confident about the rotation that I drafted Pablo, Trevor and Luzardo on my fantasy team. I didn't take Sandy because someone took him first! I still have some doubts about the bullpen, but looks a bit better than last year's and was a top 10 bullpen anyways.

Wish you all a good and fun baseball season!