The 2022 Situation for the Marlins!

Top Marlins Needs (By position)

-In the real scope of things, I would like to say I think the Marlins have great outfield potential. I believe in Jesus and I think DLC is a stud. Will they get play time in 2022? They’ll certainly be fighting for it during spring training alongside Avisail Garcia and potentially another candidate to play centerfield. This list (Yet to be deemed right or wrong) will exclude outfield as of right now. Hopefully I’m right and our outfield situation will be figured out by April and our young pieces will have taken a giant leap.

Third Base- Sadly BA has become more of a liability than an asset at 3rd. An integral part of the rebuild, when he’s right he’s a borderline all star and an above average player who comes up clutch more often than not. His major obstacle is health. He can’t seem to stay healthy for extended periods of time and I think Jeter/Ng are running out of patience. Even though hitting very average, hovering around the mid to high .250s and striking out at a higher than average rate (24.6% K Rate), BA might be on his way out the door. I’d hate to see him go but if he can’t stay healthy and is still striking out at the clip he does then his Marlins tenure might be over. There are cheap options out there like Jed Lowrie and pinch hitting extraordinaire Brad Miller, but do we as a fanbase believe those options are better than BA? I don't think so. This is a situation to keep tabs on..

First Base- This will be the most interesting position for the Marlins in 2022. Not because of the lack of talent, but actually because of the complete opposite situation. First base has always been kind of a fill in the gap position for the Marlins, Garrett Cooper (Coop) who was acquired via the Stanton trade, has shown a lot of pop at the plate, and has a great approach but just like BA he can’t seem to stay on the field. Multiple injuries have kept him from realizing his full potential. The Marlins went and scooped up Jesus Aguilar when he was designated for assignment (A total steal), and it turned out to be one of the best acquisitions in the Jeter era so far. 45 XBH, 93 RBI (Use that stat at your discretion) in 2021, and a personality that engulfs everyone has made Jesus an on and off the field icon here in Miami. Finally we come to Lewin Diaz. The future power hitting lefty first baseman of the Marlins. He struggled out the gate but improved with increased play time. He had to deal with split play time in Triple A and the majors, but has shown unlimited potential with the bat AND glove. Hopefully there’s a plan in place to figure out that beautiful and complicated situation.

Bullpen- Ahh yes, the hot topic of the 2021 season. Anthony Bass (Twitter legend), John Curtiss (Good trade), and Yimi Garcia (Still miss my 2020 king closer) were all dealt even though in April were considered to be part of a revamped bullpen. Isn’t it funny how things change? Things with the Marlins are always fluid nowadays especially. This off season there will need to be a lot of help coming in via trade or free agency to beef up the bullpen (No pun intended). Raisel Iglesias was a popular candidate to head to Miami but that was quickly off the books as the Angels re-signed him on a 4 year deal. There are a number of quality pitchers left out there. Kenley Jansen, Trevor Rosental, Mychal Givens, and even old nemesis Chris Martin are all still pending free agents during this MLB lockout. There are many options out there for them to explore, it’s about signing the right ones that the Marlins will HAVE to make sure they hit on.

As a fan, I’m super excited for the 2022 (If there is one), but I’m still skeptical. Kim Ng has shown some promise already in her tenure, it’s up to her to continue that mild success and build on it from here (Also, if Nick Castellanos wants to come to Miami then I'll gladly take him even with our young outfield core).