The Marlins are a joke of a franchise!

Ng doesn't have a clue. Perfet example of why you can't hire executives based on some stupid woke BS!! She doesn't have the experience, the self-confidence, or the stones to make some real moves. The owner is an absolute idiot. The Soler/Garcia signings were a predictable disater - $20 million a year on unmotivated, mediocre losers of a species who only perform in their contract renewal years. Instead of pouring money into those losers they should have put all $20 into a REAL player (ONE REAL PLAYER). They could have had Ivan Melendez in the 16th round last year for an absolute steal if they had been smart enough to shuffle their draft pool money into where the value was. So that kid told them to go fly a kite and went back to Texas for his senior year. This year they were talking about drafting him in the THIRD ROUND. I'M thinking, these guys are NUTS. If they don't take him in round two they ain't getting this guy. So I'm sitting there on draft night PRAYING that the kid makes it to the Marlins' pick in the Second and hope the Marlins have an epiphany, but of course, he goes two picks before the Marlins. They probably wouldn't have picked him anyway. Hell, i would have taken Melendez in the FIRST ROUND. Here's a team woefully short of offense and they take a line drive hitter who doesn't have a real position and kicks off hitting .136 in ROOKIE BALL. Then, with the deepest pitching in the Minor leagues they go off and select what? ELEVEN pitchers in a row, 14 in total.

The team's scouting department and hitting development people are garbage! They couldn't find or develop a hitter if their life depended on it. A freaking .238 team batting average and all these people could do in the off season was sign Soler and Garcia. WHAT A JOKE!!