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I just read in a Fantasy portal that the Marlins have made some roster moves, though at the moment I'm writing this, they are not official yet. The moves are:

- Edward Cabrera has been activated from the IL and will probably start today (Friday) against the Cubs in Chicago.
- Nick Neidert optioned (again) to Jacksonville (he deserves better, but no place for him at the moment)
- Peyton Burdick recalled from AAA (Yes!)
- Jesús Sánchez optioned to the Jumbo Shrimp

Those transactions are listed as official in Fangraphs, not in MLB websites yet. If official, I am happy for Burdick but I have several questions. I do hope someone can please answer them for me like I'm an 8-year-old kid:

- Why do we still have Billy Hamilton on the roster?
- Is there any chance to release Aguilar?
- Regarding the case of Jesús Sánchez, why wasn't DLC optioned instead?

Focusing on the last question, here are some reasons why I would have optioned De La Cruz instead of Sánchez:

1. Simple numbers: just by comparing season totals, Jesús has been slightly not-as-bad as DLC:

Jesús Sánchez: .205 /.271 OBP /.387 / .658 OPS / 12 HRs / 33 RBIs / 26,5% K-rate / 87 +wRC / +0.6 WAR in 325 PA
Bryan De La Cruz: .206 /.253 /.342/.595 / 7 HR / 21 RBis / 26,5% K-rate / 69 +wRC / -0,6 WAR in 245 PAs

2. Sánchez has been better in the last 7 and 15 games, with actual OK numbers, with a .748 OPS in the last 15 matches. The highest OPS Bryan has had in the last 30 games is just .588.

3. By some metrics, Jesús is an average/slightly below average defender at CF: -2 OAA / 0 UZR / +1 Rdrs ; and a slightly below average defender at LF with a much better arm. DLC is an above average defender at LF, below average RF and a well-below average defender at CF. Bleday looks like he is a good LF. I think Burdick is a better defender than both, specially at CF, so I don't see the defense point of view in the situation.

4. Bryan DLC has all his 3 minor options and Sánchez won't have any options after this season if the option is official. Demoting the latter is basically telling him: Break it or make it, while the team can comfortably option DLC again next year if he doesn't improve.

5. The Left-Handed bat. Since this team is decided to keep the Copper-Aguilar tandem, there will be two lefties starting and one from the bench (Lewin). Considering they will face two consecutive lefties vs the Cubs, I see the point of bringing a righty up... But does two games worth the last minor option of a potential good player? I do not think so.

I would very much appreciate a logical explanation.

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