I'm going to propose a trade that will be controversial and probably provoke disagreement!

We need a topflight CF and one who has a favorable contract and is relatively cheap. Here we could all agree. But whom can we trade that will bring such a player? We all know it must start with one of our frontline pitchers and probably then some. The consensus seems to revolve around Pedro and Hernandez. Let's examine each. When healthy, Pablo has been close to, if not, our most effective starter. Yet now he is to some extent, damaged goods and resulting the value that he would return is at least partially diminished. Hernandez is a fine addition to any staff. But he is well below top level material and would therefore require that the Marlins further diminish their prospect ranks to fill a desirable package. Sixto has unlimited potential, but is also one with health questions, so he would bring back far less than were he completely healthy. Meyer and Carbrera are enormous talents and definitely sought after by other clubs, but at what return do to their inexperience. Now to commit my sacrilege! I would trade Rogers and for the following reasons. Foremost, he would bring the greatest return. But my second reason is more subtly. During the major part of the year he was about as good as it gets. However, although he continued to be a good pitcher from that point forward, he more fulfilled the role of a #3 or even #4 starter on a top flight team. There was an article that I read somewhere that explained that the seams on the baseballs were lowered and became less prominent. It was at this point that Rogers status diminished to some degree and the numbers bear this out. Was this temporary? My position is why should the Marlins be the team to find out. Please understand that I wouldn't even consider moving him unless it brought back such a star as mentioned above. But with all of that talent behind him right now, and even more in the wings for the following years, I would rather have a force that plays almost every day than once every 5 days. Lastly, I realize that with all of the new evaluations, wins seem to mean less. But the guy actually had a losing record despite his talent. Yes, it happened on our hitless wonders, but it still can't be denied. Now you can all tell me what a damn fool that I am