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Miguel Rojas films final trip to LoanDepot Park, cleans out locker

Rojas: “Thank you all again for the support...but it’s time to move on.”


The day after being traded from the Miami Marlins to the Los Angeles Dodgers, Miguel Rojas livestreamed his final drive to LoanDepot Park on Thursday afternoon.

“I’ve been thinking about how to express all the things that I feel for the move,” he explained at the start of the 13-minute video. “How is a better way than me taking you to the field?”

Rojas wore sunglasses throughout the video to shield his expression, but you could tell that he teared up multiple times while digesting this major life change.

“I’m sorry that I’m getting emotional,” he said around the 6:50 mark of the video, “but we need to close this out.”

Aside from reflecting on his Marlins tenure, Rojas said why he’s so excited to return to the “elite” Dodgers organization (he debuted with them in 2014):

“I don’t remember how it feels to play in front of 50,000 (fans) that support you every single night like the Dodgers fans does for the team. Can’t wait to go back there and actually embrace this opportunity, embrace this challenge in my career. I’m more than ready to come back to LA and play there.”

At the 8:45 mark, Rojas unexpectedly encountered Juan Pierre outside the ballpark entrance. The 2003 World Series champion has been back with the Marlins the last four years in various coaching roles.

“Miggy Ro’s the man,” Pierre said after greeting him. “We’re gonna miss him.”

Then, Rojas stopped to sign an autograph for a fan.

The Marlins clubhouse was mostly empty when Rojas entered. At the 12-minute mark, he approached his locker, which contained several gloves, at least five pairs of Jordans and nearly a dozen shirts. He wrapped up the video there rather than show us the extensive clean-out process.

“Thank you all again for the support and for everything that you guys did for me, for my family, for the people who came to the ballpark,” Rojas said. “But it’s time to move on.”

Rojas was careful to say that he is “closing a cycle” with the Marlins organization, “not closing a door.” Entering his age-34 season, he could be transitioning into his post-playing career in the not-too-distant future. He’s seemingly leaving the Fish on good terms, specifically thanking Kim Ng and Bruce Sherman for how they handled the transaction. He makes his offseason home in South Florida, so don’t rule out an eventual coaching or front office role.

Rojas says a written goodbye post thanking the Marlins fanbase is coming soon.