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Marlins Awards

Marlin of the Month: August 2022

Despite an awful month, it’s time to pick your best Marlins player from August!

Marlin of the Month: July 2022

After a difficult month for the Marlins, here are your top performers of July.

2022 Miami Marlins First-Half Award Winners

Who would you pick for these awards?

Marlin of the Month award winners

Vote every month for the Marlins player who impressed you the most.

Marlin of the Month: June 2022

Alcántara moved to the top of the NL Cy Young race, but teammates Cooper, Chisholm, and Bass were also great for the Marlins. It’s your call!

Marlin of the Month: May 2022

Jorge Soler had an outstanding power month in May, plus three other Marlins made important contributions.

Marlin of the Month: April 2022

Jazz Chisholm, Jesús Sánchez, Pablo López, or Sandy Alcántara: Who is your Marlin of the Month?

Marliniversary: Charles Johnson wins second straight Gold Glove

At just 25 years old, Johnson took home the honor for the NL’s top defensive catcher...again.

Marlin of the Month: September/October 2021

Make your final choice of the season!

Marlin of the Month: August 2021

Cast your vote! Here are the best performers from the second-to-last month of the Marlins’ regular season.

Marlin of the Month: July 2021

Here’s your monthly poll. It’s time to choose your favorite performer!

Marlin of the Month: June 2021

Two hitters, two pitchers. Who deserves to win?

Marlin of the Month: May 2021

Yimi García, Adam Duvall, Trevor Rogers, and Garrett Cooper...Who gets your vote?

Marlin of the Month: April 2021

The Marlins had some unbelievable performers during the first month of the season. Now it’s your time to pick the best one!

Marlin of the Month: February/March 2021

Who was the best Marlins player during spring training? Your votes will decide.

Don Mattingly named NL Manager of the Year

The Baseball Writers’ Association of America selected Mattingly for the award in a landslide.