Are any of you turning off the sound yet? I couldn't stand it anymore by the 5th inning two days ago. Can't help but wonder if the powers that be decided that the Marlins were so bad for so long that several distractions were necessary. I understand that our announcers have to read what they are given, and it helps to pay these ridiculous salaries, but there is far too much. So many that one becomes numb from their sheer volume and they cancel each other out.

Why don't the sponsors behind home plate place a timing clock within their ad? Far more eyes would go there.

Skip is sending some far-out lineups out there, but they still win. Last night there were 5 players with averages below .200. It's got to have something to do with attitude.

Soler is much improved, but not for the #2 spot. Berti is a better hitter near the top of the lineup. DLC is no longer a question. He has arrived. Every time I see Segura hit a ball on the ground, I wonder if he were to drop his back foot just two inches when he swings it could solve the problem.

Too many Marlins are taking the first pitch then striking out on an unhittable pitch. Witness their performance against that Japanese fellow with the deadly drop pitch. Stallings is famous for it, but his swing has been much improved as of late.

I had been a lone voice crying out from the wilderness that Ng is actually doing a fine job, and despite her financial restraints. Now I'm no longer alone.

To my eyes this lefthander we got for Rojas just LOOKS like a closer. If the talent there. I like his prior stats except for the HRs allowed. But this is probably a larger ballpark.

Can't help but wonder if the hitter's background is adequate.

Now for a couple of #42 whom I watched throughout his career:

#1 He was the most exciting player that I ever saw, and by a wide margin.

#2 In case the announcers didn't mention it when they talked about his gloves, on the very few occasions he again played 1B when Gil Hodges took a seldom day off, he did so with his FIELDERS mitt that he used at 2B normally, And gloves were called mitts back then. Just like a refrigerator was then an "ice box" and I still use the term.

#3 His bat had the thickest handle of any major leaguer. I know, I used his model. Think many modern players should try it, especially the line drive types.

Now a word to Alex about head first slides. They were NEVER attempted in the days of old for a very good reason. They would have been cut to shreds. In fact, the players had sliding pads inside their uniforms to avoid being cut up on their butts. The infields just weren't in the condition that they are today. Marty Marion was considered to be a fine SS, and he was nick named "the groundskeeper" because between pitches, he would constantly pick up pebbles and toss them into foul territory.

Do any of you wonder about some of the attendance figures? Are they counting all of the rodents who are also present?

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