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Nicole Cahill is a writer who focuses on mental health and sports. She recently founded a nonprofit that helps youth athletes living with mental health challenges. When she's not fighting stigma or exploring Baseball Savant visuals, you can find Nicole enjoying a cup of coffee and a good book. View her portfolio at or find her on Twitter at @NicoleCahill_.

2023 Marlins Season Preview: Yuli Gurriel

Coming off a poor season, the 38-year-old can still provide value as a bat off the bench.

The message that Marlins’ hiring of Terry Collins sends

The team’s community initiatives promoting health and well-being ring hollow when they’re willing to associate with Collins.

So long, Captain. Carry On, Stirrup Son.

Saying goodbye to Miguel Rojas and Pablo López.

2022 Marlins Season Review: Jacob Stallings

Although disappointing, Stallings’ season was a tale of two halves.

Miami Marlins Fun Index

What do you love or hate the most about the 2022 season? We’re keeping notes and rating this Miami Marlins season on a Fun Index!

Carry On, Stirrup Son

A Pablo López appreciation post, plus musings on the sad state of the Miami Marlins.

June 2-5: Giants vs. Marlins Series Preview

The first homestand of June begins tonight.

May 30-June 1: Marlins at Rockies Series Preview

It’s time for afternoon baseball!

May 27-29: Marlins at Braves Series Preview

Let’s (again) try this again!

May 24-25: Marlins at Rays Citrus Series Preview

A 2-game Citrus Series begins tonight in St. Petersburg.