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Become a Fish Stripes Super Follower

We’re asking for your support and offering a lot of perks in exchange.

If you’re reading this and have a Twitter account, you likely follow @fishstripes. Our site’s Twitter presence has grown exponentially over the last several years.

Despite typically lousy results from the Miami Marlins on the field, myself and the Fish Stripes staff find ways to keep things interesting. During games, we provide real-time highlights, analysis, reporting and debate topics. Outside of MLB action, you can count on numerous daily posts that feature the internet’s best Marlins content, stats that contextualize recent performance and flashbacks to notable moments/accomplishments from the franchise’s past, as well as video livestreams and Twitter Spaces voice chats. All earnest comments/questions receive responses and our direct messages are always open. For prospect-centric updates, check out @FishProspects. We have been doing all of that for free and will be keeping it that way.

However, Fish Stripes is also introducing a paid subscription plan. It gets you even more thorough Marlins coverage, priority access to giveaways and opportunities to appear on our platforms, and much more. The price is $2.99 per month, the cheapest rate that Twitter allowed me to set up.

Press the “Super Follow” button on the Fish Stripes Twitter profile page and go through the simple steps to complete your payment
Press the “Super Follow” button on the Fish Stripes Twitter profile page and go through the simple steps to complete your payment

Fish Stripes Super Follower Perks

  • Super Follower-only giveaways—You’ll be eligible to win game tickets, merchandise and other prizes simply by subscribing! Also, Super Followers get preferential treatment when entering general Fish Stripes Twitter contests.
  • Lifetime access to the Fish Stripes GIF Database—Updated weekly during the MLB regular season and frequently year-round, the database contains more than 600 GIFs of current and former Marlins players as well as fans/non-player personnel (Kim Ng, Don Mattingly, etc.). Save and use any of them as you please.
Fish Stripes original GIF

  • Featured on Fish Stripes LIVE—Super Followers can make predictions on the day of every Marlins series opener. Those will be shown on our series preview livestreams—which are simulcast on Twitter/YouTube/Facebook—and the results will be tracked on the Fish Stripes LIVE series predictions leaderboard. During the offseason, when the “Marlins Jeopardy” edition of Fish Stripes LIVE becomes more routine, we will organize Super Follow-only competitions.
  • Marlins game notes—Detailed updates and stats provided daily by the Marlins communications staff to members of the media will be made available to you.

As of August 21, Fish Stripes has 21 Super Followers. Keep spreading the word!