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2021 fish pod full-squad preview

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Personalities from the Fish Stripes, Fish Across the Pond and Swimming Upstream podcasts look forward to the new Marlins season.

Joseph Guzy/Miami Marlins

Alex Carver hosts a lengthy roundtable discussion featuring Ely Sussman, Peter Pratt and Daniel De Vivo, covering all things Miami Marlins-related. The group explains their favorite and least favorites moves of the 2020-21 offseason, the franchise’s financial troubles, Marlins Park attendance, plus our predictions for key spring training battles. Who’s gonna win the second base job and fifth starting rotation spot?

Enjoy this special collaboration!

(After experiencing some technical issues on Tuesday morning, the episode should be available now to Fish Stripes subscribers in all the usual places.)

The episode concludes with way-too-early 2021 record predictions for the Marlins:

  • Alex—77-85
  • Ely—74-88
  • Peter—80-82
  • Daniel—81-81

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