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Here’s how the Marlins told Eury Pérez he was getting called up

No high-profile prospect call-up is complete without a hidden camera documenting the moment.


Eury Pérez probably knew that a promotion was coming soon. The top-rated Miami Marlins prospect had nothing left to prove against Double-A competition—his Pensacola Blue Wahoos pitching coach, Dave Eiland, said as much in a recent interview.

On Wednesday, Eiland and Pensacola manager Kevin Randel invited the 20-year-old Pérez to sit down with them under the guise of reviewing game footage. “Before we promote you to Jacksonville, we need to go over a few things,” Randel said.

Randel pressed play on the video that was cued up on his laptop. After only one pitch, a familiar face appeared: Sandy Alcantara. In Spanish, the Marlins ace (Pérez’s friend and offseason training partner) delivered the news that he would be bypassing Triple-A Jacksonville to join him in Miami.

“I have bad news for you. I am going to have to see your face every day now. My brother, do you think you are ready to pitch in the majors?

“I’m happy for you, an opportunity well deserved. I’ll see you soon. Love you, man.”

Pérez is the Marlins’ probable starting pitcher for Friday’s game against the Cincinnati Reds at LoanDepot Park.