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Who should be Marlins’ second-best prospect behind Eury Pérez?

Evaluators are split on who to place in the No. 2 spot on their 2023 Marlins lists.

Sandy Alcantara leads a pitchers’ meeting on report day in Jupiter, FL Noah Berger/Fish Stripes

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Particularly on the pitching side, there is no prospect who’s guaranteed to achieve stardom. Marlins right-hander Eury Pérez looks the part of a future ace. Entering the 2023 season, seemingly every talent evaluator agrees that he’s the best player in Miami’s farm system.

However, there are so many challenges—on and off the mound—that could potentially prevent Pérez from reaching his ceiling. Even if he does, who knows how long he can sustain that performance before opponents learn his tendencies and make adjustments. Regardless, this franchise will not come close to achieving its goals in the coming years unless other prospects make successful transitions to the majors alongside him.

When tasked with selecting which Marlins prospect has the next-most promising future behind Pérez, the most esteemed national outlets have arrived at several different conclusions:

  • 3B Jacob Berry—MLB Pipeline
  • LHP Jake Eder—FanGraphs
  • LHP Dax Fulton—The Athletic
  • RHP Max Meyer—Baseball America, Baseball Prospectus, Prospects Live

On Tuesday, Fish Stripes spoke to Jim Callis of MLB Pipeline about his ranking process. Callis admitted he was “splitting hairs” between Berry and Meyer.

Tell us which of the prospect-eligible, non-Eury players you’re currently highest on!