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Yankees listed as slight favorites to acquire Starling Marte

Which MLB team will employ Starling Marte by week’s end? You can bet on that.

Miami Marlins center fielder Starling Marte (6) reacts after scoring a run against the Washington Nationals during the fourth inning at Nationals Park Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

With less than three days until the 2021 MLB trade deadline, the Starling Marte sweepstakes is without a clear frontrunner. The likelihood of him being moved somewhere between now and Friday is very high, but the other side of the equation remains a guessing game.

In the absence of revelatory reports, is still attempting to handicap the situation. They’re offering odds on seven teams to acquire him, and as of Tuesday afternoon, the site lists the New York Yankees as slight favorites to get the deal done.

Here are those seven teams along with the FanGraphs Wins Above Replacement (fWAR) they have received from the center field position this season, their most-used center fielder in terms of plate appearances, and their updated farm system ranking on FanGraphs.

Yankees, +250

  • 0.6 fWAR from CF (22nd in MLB)
  • Most-used CF: Brett Gardner
  • Farm System Rank: 5th

Red Sox, +300

  • 1.4 fWAR from CF (16th)
  • Most-used CF: Kiké Hernández
  • Farm System Rank: 13th

Giants, +400

  • 2.4 fWAR from CF (7th)
  • Most-used CF: Steven Duggar
  • Farm System Rank: 11th

Braves, +450

  • 0.2 fWAR from CF (25th)
  • Most-used CF: Guillermo Heredia
  • Farm System Rank: 24th

Astros, +500

  • 2.3 fWAR from CF (8th)
  • Most-used CF: Myles Straw
  • Farm System Rank: 25th

Phillies, +700

  • 0.2 fWAR from CF (26th)
  • Most-used CF: Odúbel Herrera
  • Farm System Rank: 26th

Dodgers, +900

  • 2.6 fWAR from CF (4th)
  • Most-used CF: Cody Bellinger
  • Farm System Rank: 8th

For full context, the Red Sox were originally given the strongest odds of trading for Marte when this prop was created on Monday. Desperate Yankees fans may have contributed to the market’s movement since then.

As discussed on our trade deadline-themed podcast episode, we lean towards the Giants and Phillies as Marte’s most plausible landing spots.