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2021 Marlins MLB Draft pick signings

Updates on the negotiation process between the Miami Marlins and their amateur draftees.


The Marlins signed 20 of the 21 players that they selected during the 2021 MLB Draft. They spent 5% above their $9,949,800 bonus pool, the maximum allowed without forfeiting any future picks. Overall, they paid out close to $12 million (including all player bonuses and overage taxes).


  • 16th overall pick—Kahlil Watson, SS, Wake Forest HS (NC) signed for $4,540,790 ($3,745,500 slot value)

  • 31st overall pick—Joe Mack, C, Williamsville East HS (NY) signed for $2,500,000 ($2,312,000 slot value)
Ethan Budowsky/Fish Stripes
  • 52nd overall pick—Cody Morissette, SS, Boston College signed for $1,403,200 ($1,403,200 slot value)
  • 88th overall pick—Jordan McCants, SS, Pensacola Catholic HS (FL) signed for $800,000 ($678,600 slot value)
  • 118th overall pick—Tanner Allen, OF, Mississippi State signed for $247,500 ($487,900 slot value)
  • 149th overall pick—Brady Allen, OF, South Carolina signed for $358,300 ($360,800 slot value)

  • 179th overall pick—Sam Praytor, C, Alabama signed for $197,500 ($274,800 slot value)

  • 209th overall pick—Gabe Bierman, RHP, Indiana signed for $197,500 ($214,900 slot value)

  • 239th overall pick—Pat Monteverde, LHP, Texas Tech signed for $47,500 ($173,000 slot value)

  • 269th overall pick—Jake Schrand, RHP, Wright State signed for $97,500 ($154,100 slot value)
  • 299th overall pick—Hunter Perdue, RHP, Florida State signed for $57,500 ($145,000 slot value)
  • 329th overall pick—Jesse Bergin, RHP, UCLA signed for $125,000
  • 359th overall pick—Brandon White, RHP, Washington State signed for $125,000
  • 389th overall pick—Chandler Jozwiak, LHP, Texas A&M signed for $125,000
  • 419th overall pick—Holt Jones Jr., RHP, Kentucky signed for $125,000
  • 449th overall pick—Caleb Wurster, LHP, Connecticut signed for $25,000
  • 509th overall pick—Justin Fall, LHP, Arizona State signed for $125,000
  • 539th overall pick—Bennett Hostetler, INF, North Dakota State signed for $60,000

  • 569th overall pick—Noah Williamson, OF, Everett CC (WA) signed for $75,000
  • 599th overall pick—Zach Zubia, INF, Texas signed for $25,000

Nondrafted Free Agents—Paul McIntosh, C, West Virginia; Jared Pettitte, LHP, Dallas Baptist; Kyler Castillo, OF, New Mexico; Tyler Eckberg, RHP, Kansas State; Coltyn Kessler, C, Kentucky


Did Not Sign

479th overall pick—Ivan Melendez, INF, Texas