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Earning Their Stripes Episode 30: Analyzing every 2020 Marlins draft pick

What to expect from new Marlins pitchers Max Meyer, Dax Fulton, Kyle Nicolas, Zach McCambley, Jake Eder and Kyle Hurt.

Marlins fourth-rounder Jake Eder
Photo by Corey Solotorovsky/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

The Marlins took an unorthodox approach to the abbreviated 2020 MLB Draft, exclusively selecting pitchers. On Earning Their Stripes, Spencer Morris, Ian Smith, Ethan Budowsky and Ely Sussman have the full breakdown for you. Scouting reports on Max Meyer, Dax Fulton, Kyle Nicolas, Zach McCambley, Jake Eder and Kyle Hurt, plus looking forward to the undrafted free agent signing period.

Enjoy Episode 30!

Congrats to all six! We’ll certainly be keeping close tabs on them moving forward. The Marlins have moved quickly to reach a signing bonus agreement with Meyer (pending physical). The other members of the draft class are expected to be follow suit, though they aren’t as far along in negotiations yet.

If you weren’t available to watch much of the draft broadcast, checking out Spencer’s Twitch account (spips711) for streams and commentary from Thursday.

The undrafted free agent signing period officially begins this Sunday at 9 a.m. ET. ESPN’s Kiley McDaniel shares his list of best players who weren’t taken, while Teddy Cahill of Baseball America has 25 college seniors who should draw interest from MLB teams.

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