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Earning Their Stripes Episode 28: 2020 MLB Draft preview with Carlos Collazo

Baseball America national writer Carlos Collazo helps us look forward to next month’s MLB Draft.

Michael Hill, DJ Svihlik and the rest of the Marlins front office will be on the clock next month...under unusual circumstances.
Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Ian and Luis are joined by Baseball America national writer Carlos Collazo! A returning guest to ETS, Carlos dissects the top prospects who’ll be available to the Marlins with the No. 3 overall pick in the 2020 MLB Draft and the many consequences of the league shortening the draft in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Only 160 total players will be selected this year (instead of the usual 1,200-plus), dramatically inflating the undrafted free agent talent pool.

Enjoy Episode 28!

The vast majority of 2020 draftees—if not all of them—are included in the BA 500 (subscription required).

The Marlins have a $12,016,900 bonus pool to spread out among their six picks. The majority of that would be allocated towards their first-rounder, assuming they target Texas A&M ace Asa Lacy or another one of the best college players remaining on the board. Undrafted free agents are eligible to receive signing bonuses of up to $20,000.

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