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Fanpost Friday: Your favorite Marlins player/fan interaction

Is there a Marlins player/organizational member who you had a great experience with?

Minnesota Twins v Miami Marlins Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Fanpost Friday prompt: Tell us about your favorite player/personnel interaction.

I actually haven’t had too many player/personnel encounters worth speaking of, personally. One time I made fun of Tim Lincecum when he was walking up behind me, I wouldn’t really count that among my favorite interactions, per say.

So I’ll recount a positive interaction my parents had, instead. My dad, through his company’s involvement with a DVT (deep vein thrombosis) drug, had been invited to a suite at a New York Mets game also shared by Hall of Famer and DVT spokesperson Tony Gwynn, who was throwing out the first pitch that night.

My dad probably intended to give Gwynn his space, but my mom was there too and she, being the more gregarious half, walked right up to Tony, introduced herself, and offered up my dad as counsel in case he needed any tips for combating jitters as he stepped up to the mound (dad having thrown out a first pitch himself 10 years prior in Seattle’s Kingdome).

Dad of course was mortified but Gwynn, true to his reputation, was very friendly in response. “You know, I am kind of nervous, so that would be great!”

Mom claims they became fast friends after that, and Gwynn generously agreed to take this picture shortly thereafter.

I can confirm that the picture still rests proudly on a mantelpiece in my parent’s living room, surrounded by a variety of other baseball memorabilia.

One positive interaction between a player and a fan can make a huge impression. Have you had such an experience with a Miami Marlins player or member of the organization? We want to hear about it! Whip up a Fanpost and tell us a good story.