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Fish Favorites: FanPosts and FanShots

FanPost Friday: Redrafting the Miami Marlins

Plus, Jerry Jones learns about BABIP.

Fanpost Friday: Your favorite Marlins player/fan interaction

Is there a Marlins player/organizational member who you had a great experience with?

FanPost Friday: Does anyone deserve to be in the Miami Marlins Hall of Fame?

It’s time to acknowledge the franchise history.

FanPost Friday: What underrated/overlooked player would you trade for?

Sing me the praises of the unheralded.

FanPost Friday: Re-making Marlins history

Changing one thing might’ve changed everything.

FanPost Friday: What to do about the Home Run Sculpture?

If it were your call to make, would you scrap it or keep it?

FanPost Friday: Who is your all-time favorite Marlins’ player?

Who is it...and why?

FanPost Friday: Who is your favorite prospect?

Here is your chance to explain exactly who we should all be high on.

FanPost Friday: Put on your GM hat and make the 2018 Marlins competitive

FanPost Fridays have returned!

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Discussing state of the Marlins on SB Nation Radio

Fanpost: Ranking your most favorite to least favorite baseball teams

Our first Fanpost prompt!

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Adeiny Hechavarria: Better at the plate in 2016?

One Fish Stripes reader thinks Adeiny Hechavarria has been better than his numbers appear in 2016.

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Dee Gordon Suspended: Is the sky falling?

At least one Fish Stripes reader is concerned about the position player fallout of losing Dee Gordon for 80 games.

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Dee Gordon on stealing bases

Dee Gordon goes through his approach on how to swipe bags. Really cool content into the mind of a player.

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BTBS has dubbed today "Ichiro Day"

A collection of articles looking back on Ichiro's great career.

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Miami Marlins Nicknames: 2016 season edition

Another season means another round of Marlins nicknames! Help us find cool names for our favorite Fish!

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Dan Haren thinks Christian Yelich hasn't hit puberty yet

No worries on the facial hair ban.

Featured Fanshot

First pics of Barry Bonds in a Marlins uniform


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