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Down the Dorsal: Spring Training “Civil War” between Marlins stars Chisholm, Alcantara

Fish Stripes does a breakdown of the Sandy vs. Jazz live BP matchup.

Today, we’re looking back at this week’s ultra-rare, head-to-head matchup between Miami Marlins stars Sandy Alcantara faced Jazz Chisholm Jr. during a live batting practice session. Who would win: Miami’s best pitcher or Miami’s best hitter? This may be the closest we ever come to finding out!

Jazz was up to his old antics and having fun out there—looks like he’s back to being the guy we remember from the 2022 season.

Ultimately, there was no winner of this “civil war” because Sandy was limited to five pitches per batter. It’s not real. Still cool to see. I pray to God these guys aren’t traded anytime soon and we never know the real outcome of this matchup.

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