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Down the Dorsal: Why Luis Arraez will make Marlins offense so much better

Fish Stripes rewinds to the 2022 season to show what makes Arraez such a refreshing change to the Marlins roster.

Today, we’re showing you what makes Luis Arraez such an important addition for the Miami Marlins: the quality of his at-bats.

This is a guy who knows the strike zone. In 2022, Arraez chased only a quarter of the pitches he saw outside the zone, putting himself in advantageous counts. No wonder he was one of the six qualified MLB batters who drew more walks (50) than strikeouts (43).

Compare Arraez to last season’s Marlins. It’s night and day. Jesús Sánchez, Jesús Aguilar, Avisaíl García and others were constantly caught guessing incorrectly on pitch type and location, resulting in big swings-and-misses and extended scoreless droughts. Their situational hitting was embarrassing.

Ultimately, I think Arraez is gonna be a great change.

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