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Today’s Aces (2021 rankings, version 1.0)

Which Marlins rotation candidates are in your circle of trust? Ely and Ethan introduce a new series about exactly that.

Miami Marlins v New York Yankees Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

From No. 1 through No. 6, Ely Sussman and Ethan Budwosky reveal their rankings of which pitchers in the Marlins organization they would trust the most right now to start a must-win game. This exercise attempts to look past the baseball clichés and anything that happens outside of the pitcher’s control, blocking out the noise to focus on what specifically these talented individuals would bring to the table. Take a listen, then tell us who you consider to be Today’s Aces!

Enjoy version 1.0 of the 2021 rankings:

“Today’s Aces”—please feel free to submit a better title idea—will be dynamic, updated throughout the year. We are ranking the best Marlins pitchers at the moment, regardless of age, reputation, overall track record or long-term sustainability. If they can, hypothetically, enter into a high-stakes situation and contribute a lengthy, quality outing at a neutral ballpark against a balanced MLB lineup (facing approximately half left-handed batters and half right-handed batters), they’re in.

Players on the major league active roster or any of the Marlins’ minor league active rosters are eligible, but those on the injured list are not.

Ely and Ethan included Sixto Sánchez, Pablo López, Sandy Alcantara, Elieser Hernandez and Trevor Rogers on both of their lists. There was disagreement about the No. 6 spot (Max Meyer vs. Edward Cabrera).

Rankings as of January 21, 2021

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