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Our Noticias, 7/16/20: Rowson talks organizational hitting philosophy, prospects

Plus, notes on the rotation, Magneuris Sierra, and the signing of 2020 second-round pick, Kyle Nicolas

Miami Marlins Photo Day Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images
  • Bench coach and offensive coordinator James Rowson spoke to the media via Zoom on Wednesday. He discussed the team’s organizational philosophy this season with regards to each hitter having their own game plan:

We’re going to be aggressive...The mindset is, “I’m going to be ready, and I’m going to have a plan for a specific pitch or specific location, or doing my homework and understanding how these guys might attack me.”

When talking about his success with the Twins, he mentioned how they had gone from 100 losses in 2016 to the playoffs the following season, and how that happened.

It’s about coming in, being confident, knowing what you’re doing, playing loose and free, believing in yourself and trusting yourself. And it starts to happen. I always say, we create the culture, but the players on this team will create their identity...Every team has its own.

By no means, am I gonna create the Bomba Squad. The Bomba Squad created themselves...And we’re going to encourage the same thing here: to get these guys to be free, play the game the way they play it, be themselves, and they’re going to create a great identity here in Miami.

When asked about Monte Harrison, Jesus Sanchez, Lewin Diaz, he quipped, “These guys are dangerous. All of them have great athleticism...I love these guys’ mentality because they’re built to fight through the tough times.”

  • Don Mattingly also addressed the media, per usual. He touched on Sandy Alcantara’s ace ability and what he did to earn the Opening Day nod. Magneuris Sierra is a player without remaining options but could be a speed guy and defensive replacement for the club. Mattingly also added that the rotation is pretty much set.
  • Fish Stripes’ latest roster projection:
  • And we’ll walk ya off with a new Marlins BBQ pod out for your listening enjoyment! Talking Monte Harrison, Harold Ramirez, what it’s been like covering Summer Camp and trivia with Marlins Lager as the reward.