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Fish Stripes Marlins Hall of Fame, Class of 2020—Non-Players

Honoring key individuals who were involved with Marlins baseball since the very beginning and others who remain synonymous with the franchise to this day.

Monday was dedicated to the extraordinary Marlins players who were elected into our Hall of Fame on the first ballot. Now, it is everybody else’s turn. These coaches, executives, broadcasters and die-hard fans served the franchise admirably through the years, earning them inclusion in the Class of 2020 with their own individual “plaques” coming in July.

In alphabetical order:

  • Dave Dombrowski—Marlins general manager
  • Tony “Dancing Tony” Gimenez—Marlins fan
  • H. Wayne Huizenga—Marlins owner

  • Tommy Hutton—Marlins television color commentator, pregame/postgame analyst
  • Jack McKeon—Marlins manager

  • Louis “Pin Man” Mendez Sr.—Marlins fan
  • Felo Ramírez—Marlins radio announcer (Spanish)
  • Dave Van Horne—Marlins radio announcer (English)

  • Rich Waltz—Marlins television play-by-play announcer