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Which Marlins bats will bounce back in 2023?

Track records of several veteran hitters suggest they’re capable of having better results next season.

Avisail Garcia #24 of the Miami Marlins bats against the Philadelphia Phillies at Citizens Bank Park on September 7, 2022 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Phillies defeated the Marlins 4-3. Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

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Nobody envisioned the 2022 Marlins offense being quite this bad. With barely a week remaining in the regular season, they rank 28th in Major League Baseball in runs scored per game and 25th in weighted runs created plus. There are some significant injuries to blame and their player development staff continues to struggle with molding former top prospects into serviceable hitters. Another big factor has been that established veterans performed far below their usual standards at the plate.

Who do you trust to rebound in 2023?

I narrowed it down to four options for this survey, all of whom fell short of their career numbers by wide margins and happen to be under club control for next season. Unless the Marlins are willing to sell low, they will have opportunities to redeem themselves.

Three of the four were new to the organization this year, so perhaps more familiarity will do them some good. There’s also a pending shake-up coming to the major league coaching staff—those hires may bring with them fresh ideas regarding which pitches to swing at and how to analyze opponents.

  • Avisaíl García—.230/.267/.316, 66 wRC+ in 2022; .270/.325/.431, 104 wRC+ prior to 2022
  • Miguel Rojas—.235/.281/.324, 73 wRC+; .265/.320/.365, 87 wRC+ prior to 2022
  • Jorge Soler—.207/.295/.400, 98 wRC+; .246/.331/.465, 111 wRC+ prior to 2022
  • Jacob Stallings—.225/.294/.297, 73 wRC+; .254/.331/.370, 89 wRC+ prior to 2022