Are we trading away someone?

Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

Well, we should. Right now we are 11 games below .500 and the next series before the ASG are Nats, Phillies, Braves, Dodgers and Braves again. It looks very difficult to overcome that 50% sucess rate with an anemic offense such as the Fish. Maybe - I highly doubt it - things can get a bit better when Anderson, Cooper and Dickerson are back from the IL, but I cannot see them creating the necessary impact to climb in the W column.

I am one of those who, at the beggining of the season, thought it was more realistic to compete in 2022 rather than this year. Even the very same Ely Sussman is already proposing trades for some of our players. so why keep holding? I am already thrilled watching Jesús in LF and cannot wait to see Lewin taking over 1B. Later in August we can play Sixto and hopefully Cabrera. For sure next year we will see Bleday, Burdick, Dunand, Encarnación and why not Meyer and Eder.

So here I go, trading away our best players:

1. Jesús Aguilar: I really like Agui. He's been terrific and I will wish him the best, but Lewin is coming and we will get nothing from Cooper, apart from being in his contract year. The Brewers need him the most, OAK, SF and CLE can use his bat.

2. Starling Marté: He is second on this list because I still have hopes the Marlins can sign him for an extension, but I doubt it will happen. The Yankees are the best fit, with CHC, CWS, CIN and again CLE as good spots. He should get the biggest haul just becaus he is a fantastic player. We can play Mags, Monte and Brinson in CF fr the rest of the year.

3. Yimi García: Our one and only true closer, but he's in his last year. Toronto, Houston, Saint Louis and maybe TB can use him. can Holloway replace him as closer? Who said Bender?

4. Adam Duvall: There is no need to move him, but his return should be right below Starling's. Same teams as Marté.

5. Bleier or Detwiler (but not both): There is always one or two teams craving for a LH reliever. Luckily there is a bunch of candidates for a bullpen role once the IL gets emptier.

I would LOVE to trade away Dickerson, but I don't think he has any trade value at this point of the season.