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Analyzing this month’s SimMarlins market movement on SimBull

Are you buying or selling the 8-10 Miami Marlins?

San Francisco Giants v Miami Marlins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

It’s been exactly one month since the SimMLB market on SimBull went fully live, which makes this an appropriate time to check in on the movement we’ve seen from SimMarlins during that period and anticipate where things may go from here.

Initial Share Offering: $19.40

Current Price: $26.87

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On the heels of a successful spring training for the Marlins—best record in the Grapefruit League and hardly any significant injuries—SimMarlins crept up to $21.88 on Opening Day.

Collectively, the club stumbled at the beginning of the regular season, losing six of the first seven games. However, Miami’s run differential and dynamic starting pitching hinted at there being better times ahead.

Shareholders remained calm.

The biggest SimMarlins spike thus far occurred on April 10. Fans will vividly remember that as the game when Jazz Chisholm Jr. cemented himself as a rookie phenom by homering on an 100 mile-per-hour fastball up in the zone from Mets ace Jacob deGrom. Chisholm has shown no signs of slowing down since then.

The share price peaked at $27.85 and has dropped by about one dollar since then. As of Friday afternoon, there is a slight separation between the most aggressive offer to buy ($27.00) and the lowest offer to sell ($27.37).

The Fish are currently in the midst of a long and arduous road trip. Although there is so much to love about Chisholm and top-of-the-rotation pitchers Sandy Alcantara, Pablo López and Trevor Rogers, injuries are steadily gnawing at their depth. Thankfully, the other NL East teams have issues of their own—none of them are above the .500 mark!

The early indications are that the Marlins can be more competitive during the 2021 season than originally projected.