Cedric Mullins: The Fish That Should Be Caught

Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

Jon Heyman has reported today, Friday, November 26, 2021, that the Baltimore Orioles are open to trading OF Cedric Mullins this winter. With the Miami Marlins dire need to fill their CF vacancy, there is little doubt that the front office should be exploring what it would take to bring Mullins to Miami.

Entering this offseason, there has been much debate as to which direction the team should go in order to fill its gaping hole in CF. Although much has been said about focusing the attention on Minnesota's Byron Buxton or Starling Marte, it would behoove the Marlins to direct all of their resources into exploring a trade for such a young star. A 27-year-old toolsy athlete who will not hit free agency until 2026, Mullins would check all of the boxes for this Miami Marlins' framework.

Bringing offense this off-season is of primary importance. However, jumping into the fray of free agency against larger market teams is a recipe for failure. This team must use their assets to seize opportunities when such opportunities present themselves. The possibility of attaining Cedric Mullins is one of those opportunities that the team must act upon. Unlike other teams, the Marlins have the prospect capital to make a deal such as this happen. The timing for Mullins' availability could not come at a more perfect time.

If the Marlins let this opportunity pass, they will be missing out on solidifying their CF vacancy with a controllable superstar that not only affords the ability to control throughout his arbitration year, but a superstar that can grow with a young and hungry team primed to take the next step in the NL East. Fans will be watching closely to see if this front office fulfills its promise to bring home young, controllable assets that will finally give the Miami area a respite after so many years of mediocrity.