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Marlins intelligentia

Clark Spencer wrote an article about the intelligence level of the Marlins players.  I will grab a few.

 Marlins reliever Brian Sanches is fascinated by weather, admits he spends hours upon hours sitting in front of his television watching The Weather Channel, and thinks Jim Cantore -- standing out in the middle of hurricanes in his rain slicker -- is simply the greatest. 

When I lived in Houston, at one time a hurricane hit nearby and a local television station dispatched a young reporter to do the on-the-air report at the shoreline.  I must admit she did her best, but was eventually blown over by the storm.  I laughed.  Later in life I met her personally and felt bad about it.

 Burke Badenhop -- The reliever holds a degree in economics from Bowling Green State University and had a job on Wall Street lined up before being taken in the draft. When he's not working in long relief, Badenhop could probably hold his own with John Keynes in a discussion on macroeconomic theory. If you're looking for someone to do your taxes, there would be far worse choices.

I would love to talk about economics with Mr. Badenhop.  While some may disagree, I know a little bit about the subject.

Anyway, click on the link and read the entire post.  It is pretty interesting.