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Introducing the “Bottom Feeders” t-shirt

Never too late to jump on the most exciting bandwagon of the 2020 MLB season!

Watch your mouth, Ricky Bottalico! The NBC Sports Philadelphia studio analyst tried to spark the Phillies following their Opening Day loss by belittling the Marlins as the “bottom feeders” of the NL East.

It backfired. The Fish spent the vast majority of the 2020 season ahead of the Phils in the standings, including piling up five wins against them during a seven-game mid-September series that ultimately made the difference in the race for a postseason berth. Garrett Cooper, Monte Harrison, Jazz Chisholm and Daniel Castano are among the players who turned the phrase into a rallying cry.

Introducing the Bottom Feeders t-shirt:

Get yours from BreakingT while supplies last! Keep an eye out on and the Fish Stripes Twitter and Instagram accounts for t-shirt giveaways.

Ricky Bo, if you’re reading this, please reach out to with your shirt size and mailing address and I’d be happy to hook you up!