Who deserves to get the call tonight?

Starting tomorrow, rosters are expanding to 28 players, with 14 pitchers max. Who do you think will/should get the call? Have in mind that only one pitcher and one position player can be promoted since the Marlins are carrying 13 pitchers at the moment.

Those extra places require their corresponding two spots on the 40-man roster, but one can be easily open by transferring Soler to the 60-day IL. The second spot comes with a question: Why is Devers still holding a roster spot? Another option might be landing Castano or Garrett also to the 60-day IL since it's not so probable they will come back this season.

In terms of deserving, Nick Neidert should get the call but he is injured. That leaves Brigham, Hoeing (both already have a roster spot), George Soriano, Parker Bugg and Robert García as potential candidates. Soriano is my favorite to give him a try as a closer.

To bring a bat is a bit more difficult, but personal front runners are Brian Miller, Norel González and Jordan Groshans. My case about Miller is only based on consistency. He has good-not-great numbers this year, he just turned 27 and this OF situation with the ML team is probably the last real chance of his career to showcase himself. Same can be said about González, who is even older than Brian. Forget about DLC and Sánchez, they are not performing at AAA either.

Groshans has only 76 ABs, but he is doing terrific... Why not giving him a cup of coffee at SS? Troy Johnston is also raking but in even less 25 ABs with the Jumbo Shrimp, so let him finish the season over there.

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