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Analyzing May’s NL East market movement on SimBull

Where will SimBraves, SimMarlins, SimMets, SimNationals and SimPhillies go from here?

New York Mets starting pitcher Marcus Stroman (0) pitches against the Colorado Rockies during the second inning at Citi Field Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Here on Memorial Day, every MLB division has at least one team that has faded out of contention, an obvious seller leading up to the 2021 trade deadline...every division, that is, except for the National League East. The Mets entered this holiday with a 3.5-game cushion, but they’ve had the luxury of playing the fewest games and remain unsure about if/when many of their impact players will return from injury. The Braves, Marlins, Nationals and Phillies aren’t ready to let go of the rope yet.

Which NL East team(s) do you believe have the potential to be consistently great moving froward? That’s where SimBull comes in—knowledgeable fans can invest in any of them now and profit from their results on the field. Create your SimBull account to trade for yourself. Enter promo code FISHSTRIPES when making your first deposit for a $10 bonus.

How is the SimMLB market reacting to what we’ve seen from this division so far?


2021 season-to-date SimBraves share price movement
2021 season-to-date SimBraves share price movement

Current Price: $38.37

You have to assume that embattled slugger Marcell Ozuna will be a non-factor for the rest of 2021, though it’s not as if he was doing much to help them in April and May, anyway.

By practically every measure, the Braves have been the epitome of the average team. There was a brief window from May 22-25 when SimBraves was priced to reflect that. However, the three-time defending division champs can’t be had at any discount anymore. The market expects them to separate from the pack eventually.


2021 season-to-date SimMarlins share price movement
2021 season-to-date SimMarlins share price movement

Current Price: $32.21

The Marlins begin June in a perilous position with 16 straight days of scheduled games and a strong likelihood that the trusted left side of their infield—Brian Anderson and Miguel Rojas—will miss that entire stretch with shoulder and finger injuries, respectively. The front office has shown no inclination to pursue players from outside the organization who could potentially lengthen their lineup or solidify the back end of their starting rotation.

Although the multi-year outlook is still promising, it’s time for short-term SimMarlins investors to seriously consider cutting bait. Don’t be greedy! If you got your shares early, they’ve made you a huge profit already.


2021 season-to-date SimMets share price movement
2021 season-to-date SimMets share price movement

Current Price: $35.19

Since our previous NL East market update, the Mets have fired their hitting coach and taken the MLB lead in injuries (in terms of both total missing players and the magnitude of those health issues). Not a traditional recipe for division supremacy, which speaks to everybody else’s dysfunction.

The biggest missing component for New York has been extra-base hits—they’re second-to-last in the majors in both home runs and isolated power. If you trust the Mets’ veterans to perform much closer to their historical norms moving forward, SimMets is a logical buy right now.


2021 season-to-date SimNationals share price movement
2021 season-to-date SimNationals share price movement

Current Price: $29.32

Juan Soto, MLB’s most productive hitter a season ago, is stuck in an unprecedented slump. Any starts made by pitchers not named “Max Scherzer” are unpredictable. The only thing that the Nats can hang their hats on is much-improved fielding.

Stay away.


2021 season-to-date SimPhillies share price movement
2021 season-to-date SimPhillies share price movement

Current Price: $30.06

Losers of eight of their last 11 games entering Memorial Day, the Phillies are running out of excuses for their mediocrity. The next couple weeks are filled with home games, off days and manageable opponents.

If the Phillies “take care of business” and vault themselves back above the .500 mark, we should see the demand for SimPhillies shares shoot up as well.