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Introducing the “Air Rojas” t-shirt

You wanna be like Miggy? Who doesn’t!

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Marlins fans remember watching Miguel Rojas go airborne while turning a terrific double play against the Phillies during the opening weekend of the 2020 season. Thanks to our friends at BreakingT, you can now wear this iconic moment over and over again!

Introducing the Air Rojas t-shirt:

That web gem was no fluke—Rojas has been one of MLB’s most consistent defensive infielders throughout his Marlins career. However, he has elevated his all-around game in 2020, entering Wednesday as the club’s leader in on-base percentage, slugging percentage, weighted runs created-plus, strikeout-to-walk ratio and numerous other offensive categories.

Get your t-shirt while supplies last! Keep an eye out on and the Fish Stripes Twitter and Instagram accounts for t-shirt giveaways.