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Subscribe to the Fish Stripes Marlins GIF Database

Get access to our growing collection of Marlins highlights, celebrations and bloopers.

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Fish Stripes is but one of many outlets providing fans with Marlins coverage. I wouldn’t even claim that we’re the “best” at doing it. If there’s anything truly distinct about the blog, it would have to be the original GIFs you see within articles and posted to the @fishstripes Twitter account. Since late 2017, I have captured hundreds upon hundreds of game highlights, celebrations and unintentionally funny moments, on and off the field, at the major league and minor league levels.

I’d like to share them with you.

The Fish Stripes Marlins GIF Database contains 136 original GIFs (and counting), downloadable to any device for use in your own electronic communications. No watermarks. High-definition quality whenever possible.

A lifetime subscription costs $5.00, payable to @fishstripes on Venmo. Please include your email address in the transaction description and I will grant you access to the almighty Dropbox folder that houses the GIFs.

The database contains sub-folders. There are GIFs of non-players, like fans, Marlins coaches and broadcasters:

The Marlins Players sub-folder is split up four ways.



Nasty Pitches:

And most importantly, Reactions & Celebrations:

Subscribers can expect new GIFs to be uploaded in bulk every Friday (regardless of whether or not there is a 2020 MLB season). They will also be encouraged to nominate their favorite Marlins plays for inclusion. Feel free to submit videos from your personal lives to be converted into a GIF format, too.

Thank you so much for supporting Fish Stripes under these bizarre circumstances. We hope you consider this new offer!