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Filed under: what? Laying out Fish Stripes’ coverage plans for the Marlins offseason

Thank you for the support throughout 2020! But rest assured, we’ll still be as busy as ever.

Miami Marlins v New York Yankees Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

It’s the end of another Marlins season, and once again, I’m struggling to find the right words. Traditionally, people in and around the organization will take this opportunity to acknowledge everybody for their support. To be clear, I have soooooo much appreciation for you—thanks for reading, watching, listening, replying, purchasing and complaining on Fish Stripes platforms. It all helps.

But while a season’s end can be seen as a milestone, it honestly doesn’t change much for me. Our Marlins coverage continue on a daily basis! Particularly considering where the Fish are in their rebuilding cycle—on the verge of breaking through as a perennial contender—my staff and I are eager to see their next steps.

Here is a taste of what you can expect between now and mid-February when (pandemic permitting) the team reunites for 2021 season preparation:

  • Contributions from Alex Krutchik, Hector Rodriguez, Juan Páez, Nicole Cahill, David Phillips, Ethan Budowsky, Spencer Morris, Alex Contreras, Anthony “Red” Garcia, Kevin Kraczkowski, Mike Ferguson, Daniel Rodriguez, Zach Letson, Danilo Santos, Luis Davila and more. Please follow them on Twitter.
  • 2020 Marlins Season Review—We are gradually filling up that section with player-by-player breakdowns. There won’t be much to say about Justin Shafer and Josh D. Smith, but expect articles dedicated to all of the key individuals and their fit with the organization moving forward.
  • Video Highlights—Subscribe to Fish Stripes on YouTube to relive the top plays of the year.
  • Offseason Transactions—Identifying potential outside reinforcements who can address Miami’s deficiencies and estimating what the acquisition cost should be. And we won’t overlook existing contract extension candidates, particularly with a large number of players approaching arbitration eligibility.
  • Marlins Prospects—The Florida Instructional League is in progress, soon to be followed by international winter leagues and fascinating decisions regarding the 40-man roster. We will introduce you to top prospects in the 2021 MLB Draft class and all of the international players who come aboard when the league’s new international signing period opens on Jan. 15.
  • All-Time Marlins Countdown—Every player in Fish history, past and present, will be featured in daily installments of this project. Launching Oct. 18.
  • 2021 Marlins Season Preview—The launch of this series will let you know that spring training is right around the corner.
  • Non-Marlins Stuff—I’ll keep this section as broad as possible.

If you are able and interested in helping me compensate the Fish Stripes staff for their offseason efforts, consider a subscription to our GIF Database (for lifetime access, submit a $5 payment to fishstripes on Venmo and include your email address), or get yourself a Bottom Feeders t-shirt/hoodie.