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An Open Letter: Dear Marlins players

Maimi Marlins v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

Dear Marlins players,

Keep the faith. Know that we, diehard Marlins fans, are here with you.

Playing regularly in front of a somewhat empty stadium must be disheartening. Hitting a homer only to yield a tepid cheer, getting pulled from the mound after 7 23 innings of one-run ball without receiving a booming applause for your efforts, or hearing your “home crowd” acknowledging opposing players’ success more than your own…these are all less than ideal situations. I imagine this gets discussed among yourselves, among fellow baseball players, possibly even among family. It’s embarrassing for us, too.

Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

I could fill a book on the state of Miami baseball—a painful outline on why so much of the fanbase feels betrayed, followed by a discussion on what about the city’s culture may not be best suited for the beautiful game of baseball. Then, a few pages on Loria, some on the front-running mentality, and how the community surrounding Marlins Park came to feel resentful of the very stadium you play in. There are deep-rooted reasons for this lack of support.

Even so, my aim is to make it clear that you—the Marlins core for the 2019 season and beyond—are not at fault, and secondly, that we—unconditionally faithful fans—still exist. We’re all around the world, at home watching, cheering the team on at the park (piercing through the silence), and singing your praises on social media in the face of the team’s countless critics. We are always here, and pound for pound, we’re among the best in baseball.

Sixteen years removed from World Series glory and a full decade since the last winning season, who would fake or front-run being a Marlins fan for so long? Those of us in your corner right now are rooting with genuine love.

Finally, the tide is turning. You’re part of an emerging, easy-to-root-for foundation, with an ownership team that seemingly cares and has a plan. That hasn’t always been the case. Like with most cities, when the plan continues to yield fruit, more fans will come. Ten thousand will become twenty thousand, and with sustained success, thirty thousand. Marlins Park may even sell out. You’ll get the adoration you deserve.

But for the time being, this experience is more intimate. Keep fighting for your families, keep striving for your goals. This franchise has great fans who have gone through a lot, but still love baseball. We exist. We are proud. Most importantly? We believe in you and we believe in this organization.

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The Marlins are coming, an era of perennial championship contention that we are all excitedly anticipating. After all, it’s been a long wait!


True Miami Marlins Fans