The Good and the Puzzling

Let's work from the top on down:

Our esteemed owner has shown no inclination to spend anything beyond the bare minimum.

Considering the above, Ng has done a tip top job of improving wherever she could. Considering how magnificently she got rid of Bleday, with a very positive return, could she possibly find a home for either of our Garcia or Soler.

But the new manager? Playing Soler in the field? Hitting Soler toward the top of the lineup with all of his Ks and poor OBP defies logic. One HR a WEEK would produce what many would consider a satisfactory season for him. And for that he should hit at best, 6th. More about the lineup later.

Undoubtedly the new batting coach is putting in the necessary time and more. However, those that were swinging too mightily still are. DLC takes his head off the ball at contact all too many times.

Thank the Powers that Be that Sandy seems to be his old self. That worry can be forgotten.

Cueto is more than puzzling at this point. In my humble opinion, he will come around.

Garrett has been a disaster, but Castano seems to be taking his place satisfactorily so that might be a wash.

Garcia looked very good initially, but as of late he seems to have become a copy of himself of last year. Ouch!

Fortes had better get well soon, for his arm as well as his bat.

Now for my lineup: Arraez, Segura, DLC, Jazz, Cooper, Fortes, Wendle Soler, and Garcia

I would move Jazz down or sit him against tough lefties.

Ditto Wendle with Berti available.

The starting staff is obvious, but I bet that the manager does with Garrett over Castano and it probably won't work.

Eury did show potential, but he's no Dwight Gooden, that's for sure. Fulton was so bad; my only hope is that he was nervous.

I would love to have many of you respond with your opinions, even if you disagree with your elderly fellow poster. But please do it gently!