Bullpen Free Agent Options

We're 1 month away till Spring Training and we still haven't address the bullpen. I like the additions of JT Chargois and Nic Enright but i'm not convinced that they will move the needle that much to compete with the monster lineup of NL East. But good news, there are still some interesting bullpen options left in the market. They might not instantly make the team a top 15 bullpen but i'm confident that they can increase our ceiling and make a difference.

Andrew Chafin 2021 Stats: 68.2 IP 1.82 ERA 0.93 WHIP 64 SO 19 BB

2022 Stats: 57.1 IP 2.83 ERA 1.17 WHIP 67 SO 19 BB

My favorite player out of the ones available. Chafin has a nasty slider that has 56.4 strikeout percentage. He's perfect to replace Anthony Bass role last season or maybe compete in that closer spot. He declined his $7.0m option this offseason, so i expect him to get more money on a multi year deal.

Matt Moore: 2021 Stats:73.0 IP 6.29 ERA 1.59 WHIP 63 SO 38 BB

2022 Stats: 74.0 IP 1.95 ERA 1.18 WHIP 83 SO 38 BB

He is the perfect fit in that long man role the marlins badly needed. He also provides a lot of swing and misses. Spotrac project his next contract to be $3,389,399.

Alex Reyes: 2021 Stats: 72.1 IP 3.24 ERA 1.35 WHIP 95 SO 52 BB

Reyes hasn't played the past year because of shoulder issues. This is a good buy low opportunity for a guy with closer stuff. He is also close to Sandy and signing him will surely make our Cy Young happy.