A School of Shortstops, with fisherman Skip looking for his Prize Catch

Coming into this offseason, one of the main targets that the Marlins faithful was looking for was a new face starting at the 6. While Bogarets was the flashiest option, I think all us fans knew it was not in the DNA for our front office to sign a contract like that especially with the abysmal signings of Garcia and Soler last offseason and the last big shortstop signed to the Marlins being Jose Reyes. Now let's not Heath Bell this discussion by blowing our options out of porportion. The Marlins offense sucks, and this post will be a rare one and will prove this without providing a single statistic. Let's evaluate Shortstop options with some guys at a bar that are in their a couple Landshark's deep talk and see if we can't talk ourselves into the future of this team from within.

Option #1: Miguel Rojas- No dobut he is a team leader, no doubt he plays great defense, and no doubt it is exactly known what he can do at the plate. But I want to open you up to a new reality. Bench star Miguel Rojas, same leadership, same offense production, and same solid defensive contribution with just less oppurtunities. The unfortunate truth is that the Marlins offense needs to be like the locals and get a face lift and while it is known what he can do at the plate, we know what he can do in a crappy Marlins offesne not the high powered one we dream of.

Option #2: Jazz Chisholm Jr.- Our Bahamian Tasmanian that has enough flash for that cash. Why not move our young star over? Here's why. Unless Jazz takes a paycut in comparison to what he would get to be an All Star on a contending team in the looming years, there ain't no way he is signing an Ng Kim contract in the coming years. If Jazz becomes the shortstop, in a few years I will be rewriting this blog post with tissues and a quart of Ben and Jerry's asking where it all went wrong. This option would be an emotional one that would leave Marlins fans in a similar position of watching Yelich winning the MVP, Miguel Cabrera being Miguel Cabrera, and Stanton disappointing the Yankees faithful. The overall feeling of "hey! that's our guy!" No, he never really was, and he never really will.

Option #3: Jon Berti- Our itty bitty gritty meance on the basepaths who is so versatile that he can play anywhere within a mile. Short answer to this option. Yes, but why ruin a good thing? If the Marlins want to be a contender they need to have a guy like Berti, but they need Berti to be Berti, not the everyday shortstop. All love for the old man who tricks me into thinking the Marlins can consistently score runs with him on the roster.

Option #4: Xavier Edwards- The mans who was once a high end prospect who hasn't faded but hasn't progressed. While most socuts will tell you that thi probably isn't the smartest option, here is my argument. He went to school 30 minutes up the road in Broward, he is local, he identifies with the area. If he is a star, this team will mean everything to him, if he sucks oh well let's have some fun.

Option #5: Jordan Groshans- At the trade deadline the Marlins got the Blue Jays #4 prospect in Groshans for some bullpen pitchers that are igsignificant to name for the sole reason that they didn't pitch in any meaningful games. (Jk all love Bassey and Pop) The Marlins wouldn't have done this trade unless they had a plan for Groshans, I mean we would hope so. Whether that is him becoming the new BA (RIP to him) or becoming an everyday shortstop, why not see what are pitching provided for us and give him consistent at bats with a similar chance to Edwards to become the face of the new age Marlins.

Option #6: Khalil Watson- Screw it. Full send. We convinced him to not go to college after slipping in the draft, why not convince him to be a star shortstop. The idea of a double play combo of him and Jazz with that much flare and power is enough to make a grown man cry, not named Jim Leyland.

In conclusion, there are many options and some I didn't name but this is a big decision for the future of the franchise becuase it shows a potential clear idea on where this front office sees where this team going. While a Bogaerts and a Correa are fun to think about, that has never been this team and when it was, it sucked (shoutout 2012). The tab is closed, the Uber is called when April comes around let's see what our new Skip sees in this team and allow ourselves to have hope in what is to come.

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