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Kendry Flores is the latest Marlin to hit the DL

The rookie is experiencing tendinitis in his throwing shoulder and is on a no-throw basis.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Although it may be hard to believe, another Miami Marlin has landed on the disabled list. Kendry Flores, the rookie pitcher, has suffered from shoulder tendinitis since his first career start on Friday and is due to undergo an MRI. He allowed five runs in five innings against the Phillies which brought his season inning total to 128.

His career high was 141.2 innings over the 2013 minor league campaign, which means that this injury may be a cause for concern. He has become the 11th Marlins pitcher to spend time on the disabled list this year which will lead to Chris Narveson becoming the 13th different pitcher to start for the Fish this year, when he takes Flores' place on the mound tonight. This will tie the season record which was set last year.

This epitomizes the team's struggles in 2015. Even though the Fish would have needed luck to be on their side to make the playoffs this season, according to projections, the sheer number of injuries to the roster has crippled the team's ability to perform consistently. The numerous rookies and replacement-level players that have taken the field for Miami this year have highlighted the severe lack of depth that the organization has.

In limited appearances, Kendry Flores has shown promise this year after being called upon to help the Marlins' pitching corps. Flores and fellow rookies Justin Nicolino, Adam Conley and Jose Urena (who is also on the disabled list) have been exciting to watch over the course of the season as they provide a glimpse of the organization's future, even if they are unrefined as of yet.

There is always a risk with prospects and projecting the success they will have in the future but these players should be off-limits when it comes to trades this off season. Unless it is to acquire a true major league ace, which the Marlins desperately need to back up Jose Fernandez, the team should retain the little minor league depth that they have.

The best case scenario is that this season will serve as a warning that Miami needs as many pitchers as possible in case the injuries spill over into the 2016 campaign. The club has learned a lot about itself over the course of this summer, and needs to take a long hard look at the roster to see where they can improve. Kendry Flores and the other rookies have a decent shot at making the cut to stay with the Marlins, and rightfully so. The experience they have gained this year will benefit the team in the long run, maybe as soon as next season.