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Why I Love Baseball

Marlins fans, tell us your background stories!

Why I Love Baseball: Jeremy Sanchez

"Every win feels like a World Series win to me."

Why I Love Baseball: Gio

Even Marlins fans "idolize" how Angels phenom Mike Trout has performed and conducted himself through the years.

Why I Love Baseball: Luis Davila

Why I Love Baseball: Old Gator

Fish Stripes’ leading commenter reflects on cherished MLB memories.

Why I Love Baseball: William Blas

William shares some of his favorite memories from games at Marlins Park and explains why he admired José Fernández so much.

Why I Love Baseball: Zack Raab

Zack reflects on his favorite Marlins players, Team Israel’s improbable run during the 2017 World Baseball Classic and more.

Why I Love Baseball—Marlins fan edition